Friday, May 6, 2011

Menu a'la Tornado

About one week ago we had tornadoes (I will name them all Dorthy) and we lost power for  a week.  Leaving me with a charcoal grill and a propane stove (love it). Here are some of the meals we enjoyed.

Wifey cooked this Parmesan noodles, and left over meatballs.

Our front yard


She loves to swing, even after the storm

I cooked over at Mom's.  She did the squished potatoes (left handed) and Broccoli.

Wait for it...


COTC, Hot dogs and Turkey Kabolsa Sasage

My dog has no less than three condiments and onions...

Kinda a cool pic.

The kids LOVE pancakes...every morning.

We helped out these complete strangers... :)

The, what use to be, PigWig.


They were really as good as this pic.

Fixed up.




  1. I bet having no electricity really forced your hand in experimenting with the cooking!

  2. Wow, well aren't you something starting your own blog...LOL!!!

    Everything looks delicious -- if only I could just reach throw the screen and grab me a plateful!!! LOL!

    And, you're wife is a sweetie! Love her!!!

  3. All I can say is WOW!!!
    Your food looks so good and very well photograhed I might add.
    Great job on starting your own blog, now the big question....will you share some of your recipes.
    Maybe we could all vote for a favorite for a week.

  4. Thanks everyone!!! It's difficult keeping up a Blog.

  5. Wow- this is amazing and making my stomach growl!

  6. Hello, friend! I stopped by your wife's blog and asked her to wish you a Happy Father's day for me -- just in case you missed the message here!

    Have a wonderful day!!!

    I'll be seeing you!

    P.S. When/if I ever make it your way, I'll be expecting one of your fabulous grilled dinners! And, if you guys ever make it my way, I'll definitely show you good ole fashioned hospitality!!!